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Restoration of water damaged oil painting

WELCOME TO RSM Art Conservation

RSM Art Conservation is a private conservation practice with studios in Brisbane, QLD and on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We undertake conservation on a range of materials and mediums, as well as providing a valuation service and on-site conservation work. Our studios are equipped to handle objects and works of art of any size and shape. The treatments we perform are guided by museum standards and according to the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) code of ethics.

The types of materials we conserve include: Works of art on paper, books (including binding) and photographs Paintings (variety of mediums) Objects (including sculptures, metal, glass, stone, ceramics, natural materials, and furniture) Bark Paintings Textiles Architectural conservation Conservation Framing (including gilding) Please refer to the individual material pages for some examples of our work and details of the kinds of treatments we undertake.

Some additional services we provide include:

  • Condition reports.
  • Treatment assessments and recommendations.
  • Mounting/hanging advice and solutions.
  • Valuations for insurance purposes.
  • Authentication of artworks (Antipodean Gallery).

ABOUT RSM Art Conservation

RSM Art Conservation is the oldest private conservation service provider in Australia, having been founded in Sydney (New South Wales) in 1974 At that time, the company consisted of two full time staff members, working on the conservation of a variety of objects and a range of projects. RSM Art Conservation relocated to Queensland in 1986, establishing dedicated conservation studios in Mapleton (on the Queensland Sunshine Coast) and in the Brisbane metropolitan area.

The company has continued treating a wide range of artworks and has successfully undertaken a number of large architectural projects (examples are found throughout the site). In addition to the two original owners, Richard McDonald and Vicki Locke. RSM, employs 4 full time conservators and some contractors for specific on site projects. 

OUR Services


Works of art on paper includes watercolours, prints, ink and pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, pastels, historical documents (maps, manuscripts, documents, certificates, plans)

Bark Paintings

The ochre paint layer can be cleaned and consolidated. We have a mounting technique, where the bark is attached to an aluminium and copper support frame. This is flexible so it will move with the changes within the bark, but still supply adequate support.


The types of paintings on which we perform conservation treatments include oil paintings, acrylics, mixed media, and large contemporary works.


We are currently not working on textile objects, but can refer you to a specialist textile conservator.


Repair of original hand made plaster and gilded frames. Making special Australian timber frames, for conserved artworks.


We conserve a wide range of objects, including wooden objects, ethnographic artefacts, ceramics, glassware, metal objects, stone, natural materials (such as bone, ivory, leather), small sculptures, natural history objects, plastics, papier mache, and much more.


We undertake conservation on-site on a range of architectural elements including monuments, murals, painted walls and surfaces, plaster work, timber work, stone and marble surfaces and much more. Each project would need to be assessed to see if it can be done by our firm, or we can refer you to another company from Sydney.

CLIENT'S Testimonial


Conservation Workshops for
Picture Framers, Art Dealers and

Richard McDonald, has held these in the past at the studio in Bowen Hills. They are held to assist picture framers, collectors, with understanding conservation. They cover general maintenance of artworks, handling and storage of paintings and paper. The aim is also to educate the principle of reversability of any work done to artworks, including framing. Due to current commitments the workshops are on hold.

The workshop was very informative about conservation products and techniques. The format of the workshop was excellent encouraging everyone to participate. Still not sure if I would feel confident enough to submerge documents in water. I now understand the process for restoring artworks and how many different skills are required.


Should you have an interest in attending a workshop, please email us by clicking the link:

The workshop cost is $550.00 + gst.

with your details, and we shall contact you when a
firm date has been set.

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